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Drumming Lessons

One-on-One training in person or via the net. Rich has a deep educational curriculum to draw from.

A 90-120 minute format that is usually hosted by a drum shop, music store or school. Rich mixes performances and technique demonstrations along with motivational insights to be your best on stage and off.

Drumming Masterclass

This highly interactive format usually lasts from 1-3 hours and focuses on teaching in an intimate setting. It is usually hosted by a drum shop, music store, school, university or private entity.

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This format is a one day 8 hour educational platform that focuses on skill development in an intimate setting. Rich cover topics like Technique, Reading, Rudiments, Chop Development, Charting, Money Beats, Coordination, Styles, Soloing, ClickTracks, Percussion and Music Biz 101.

Drummers Weekend

Rich’s Drummers Weekend format is a unique, life changing educational opportunity that takes place over two days. Students are exposed to TWO 8 hour days of hands-on training from Rich and his celebrity drummer friends. Topics like Technique, Reading, Rudiments, Chop Development, Charting, Money Beats, Coordination, Styles, Soloing, ClickTracks, Percussion and Music Biz 101 will all be covered.

Includes catered lunches, tons of door prizes, networking with industry professionals, and friendships for life.

Rich’s guest teachers have included:

Kenny Aronoff, Mark Schulman, Thomas Lang, Ray Luzier, Greg Morrow, Eddie Bayers, Daru Jones, Joe Vitale, Larry Aberman, Sean Fuller, Jim Riley, Hubert Payne, Daniel de los Reyes, Lalo Davila, Troy Luccketta, Liberty Devitto, Matt Billingslea, Miles McPherson, Ed Toth, Billy Hawn, Sean Paddock, Chris Fryar, Nir Z, Kent Slucher, Keio Stroud, Eddie Bayers, Jack Bruno, Beth Gottlieb, Kevin Murphy, Mark Poiesz, Ben Sesar, Tracy Broussard, Jon Hull, Harry McCarthy, Jim Handley, Matt Starr, Fred Dinkins, Nate Morton, Kenny Aronoff, Albe Bonacci, Jeff Bowders, Tim McIntyre, Frank Briggs, Anthony “Tiny” Biuso, Mike Bennett, Ed Rosetti, Blair Sinta, Jimmy Paxson, Tony Braunagel, Nick Buda, Tony Morra, CG Ryche, Tommy Harden, Chuck Tilley, Ken Coomer, and many others.

No matter what your skill level (or what you’re looking to accomplish) behind the drums, this weekend will provide more knowledge and true hands-on experience for some of the most important essentials in modern-drumming:

  • Playing with a Click Track/Audio Tracks
  • Networking 101 within the music industry
  • Drum kit maintenance (tuning etc.)
  • Various styles and techniques
  • Reading and Charting music
  • The Money Beats!

And so much more…

Bottom Line is…

I promise you that Drummers Weekend Nashville is an experience that will far exceed your expectations and provide you with memories for a lifetime. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that is unmatched!

Online Drum Tracking

Rich’s CRASH Studio is located in beautiful Music City, USA. It is fully equipped with tons of modern and vintage kits, a massive snare drum collection and percussion collected from Rich’s global travels. Everything is mic’d up and ready to rock! Simply send your files to Rich and he will record world class drum tracks that will instantly appear in your inbox. Rich can also video the entire tracking process or short a video performance of your song to be used in your social media marketing.

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    “As someone who speaks regularly to audiences around the world, I strongly encourage you to check out Rich Redmond – he’s a powerhouse as a speaker, messenger and musician.”

    -Timothy E. Sendelbach
    Editor-in-Chief | Conference Director | Firehouse Magazine

    “Rich Redmond brings the energy and excitement! His message really resonated with our real estate agents and they took notes the entire time! Rich was met with rave reviews!”

    -CMG Financial
    My Mortgage Team | The Realtor Blaze

    “Rich does an incredible job! You WILL gain energy from experiencing his passion. Highly recommended.”

    -Jeff Cristee
    VP Global Sales | Cisco Systems

    “Rich is fantastic! His presentation was a truly awesome way to finish out our event!”

    -Richard Lowe
    VP of Human Resources | TriStar Health Care

    “Rich was without a doubt the best motivational speaker I have heard in 27 years of attending Keynote presenters”

    -Allan Noe
    CEO | Approval Payment Solutions

    “Rich closed out the opening day of our Global Sales meeting with a high energy session that would set the tone for the rest of our conference. Rich is a true professional in every sense!”

    -Gary Bolton
    Adtran | VP Global Marketing

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