CRASH Course For Succes

CRASH Course for Success

Rich Redmond’s “CRASH Course For Success” is a highly entertaining, motivational and educational event that highlights the skill set and mind set needed to succeed in the the game of life. Using his gift of music, Rich drives home this universal concept which stands for:


These concepts are explained as they relate to the ultimate attraction of success in life. In a broader scope, the presentation can be tailored to audiences of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds. Music and the presenters love of rhythm are used as a means of expression for this global concept. Rich’s “CRASH Course For Success” has found it’s way to a broad range of audiences; from corporate events, to kindergartners and beyond! Primary and secondary educational assemblies, college music and business department lectures, rotary clubs, town hall meetings, music stores and drum shops (independent and franchised) have all experienced this event that defines ‘Edu-Tainment’.

Some other themes presented during the event:

Rich’s journey in the music business
Positive Mental Attitude
Playing-Personality-People Skills
Goal Setting and the Pursuit of Dreams
The Virtues of Teamwork
Business Concepts that work


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In this time of recession, things can become very monotonous. We are all working our tails off to maintain our clients, productivity, and especially our bottom line. It becomes very difficult for employees to stay motivated and not feel like they are being dragged down by the “man.” What can we do to stay motivated, and get ahead and remember those reasons for doing what it is we do? Rich Redmond brings those reasons back into your equation. His upbeat, and motivational CRASH! Course for Success will leave you energized and empowered. Utilizing music as his medium, Rich talks about things that drive us as people, as students, as business owners, and as team players. He embodies what it means to be committed your goals and discusses the steps necessary to be successful and reminds us of those reasons for loving what we do.

As a touring musician, Rich speaks of the many people he meets and talks with and conveys the importance of building and maintaining relationships both professionally and personally. He speaks of what it really means to be committed to a common goal and what kind of attitude and outlook it takes to reach those goals. Rich demonstrates through music, how to hone your skills and become an asset to those around you and what it means to be “hungry” for success.

From a marketing stand point, one of the most effective things a company can do for it’s employees is bring in someone to speak to them – as an outsider. Someone that can motivate, energize, and empower your employees to be “Committed” to Goals, create new “Relationships”, shift the “Attitude”, hone their Skills, and regain the “Hunger” for success, Rich Redmond’s CRASH! Course for Success is fun, informative and can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Here’s what Rich has to say about the event:

“My CRASH Course (Commitment-Relationships-Attitude-Skill-Hunger)(™) Philosophy is a meticulously crafted concept that anyone, on any career track can follow to endless success. I used these ideas over several decades to navigate one of the most competitive and difficult industries on the planet; the music business. With a laser focus, determination, persistence and endless positivity, I have enjoyed success in my field. I discuss how endless commitment to one’s self and customers, honoring and developing relationships, maintaining a positive attitude, honing crucial skill sets, and fanning the flames of success to burn deep like a hunger in one’s belly are concepts that all work together for guaranteed success. I also choose to reiterate basic business concepts that can never be emphasized enough. Humorous asides and passionate drumming examples are used to drive home my points. All in all, it makes for a fun, informative, educational, entertaining and life-changing event.”


“Rich Redmond and his “CRASH Course For Success” program was the perfect way to start off a sales meeting in Las Vegas! He brought energy, passion and attitude to a corporate event that can often be stale with power point and detail. Rich exhibited a complete commitment to energize our team and did so with great personal stories and entertainment.  Rich set the perfect tone for two days of successful sales meetings and our team continues to talk about his impact months later! Rich does an incredible job. You WILL gain energy from experiencing his passion. Highly recommended.”

-Jeff Cristee

Area Vice President, US Commercial Central, Cisco Systems

Rich Redmond’s “CRASH Course for Success” program exceeded every expectation our team had! As a Sr. Director of Sales for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, I was responsible for the development and execution of our Drug Channel Sales Meeting in 2014. Our group is responsible for over $1BB in sales and is comprised of over 60 colleagues from around the country.

Rich was simply amazing! The excitement of his live performance combined with the detailed description of his CRASH concept and how he’s applied this to his life resonated with associates just starting their career all the way through our most experienced professionals. One highly talented Sales Director commented, “this is the best motivational meeting I have ever attended”. The engagement during the session was tremendous and the glowing feedback after the meeting was unbelievable. CRASH for Success was literally talked about for days and for all the right reasons. Rich helped our team accomplish our meeting objective and set the tone for 2014!

-Troy Collins

Team Leader, Sr. Director – Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products

“Rich made a tremendous impact on my team with his “CRASH Course For Success”. The high energy, business relevant presentation delivered a message with power! Each team member since the presentation has reminded me and used the acronym CRASH since the course, driving results for our last quarter well beyond our forecasts! In this day and time of meaningless sales presentations, business methodologies and business consultants, CRASH (Commitment-Relationships-Attitude-Skill-Hunger) delivers a clear and lasting message with energy left over.  I look forward to working with Rich again soon.”

-Steve Meany, CEO

Information Transport Solutions, Inc.

“Many of my corporate clients have attended Rich’s “CRASH Course for Success”. Rich Redmond’s brand of “edutainment” is high energy and unlike anything that you or your team have seen before. His message is uplifting, positive, fun, engaging, and is sure to facilitate learnings back to the workplace. His attitude and success is contagious and you and your team will benefit from this experience.

-Glenn Rupert

World Renowned Corporate Speaker and Executive Coach

“Rich is a one man band that provides a unique, high energy, experience. This is truly an out of the box event with solid messaging for a new generation. I would recommend it highly.”

-Thyag Satgoor

Director of Conference Management, Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando

“Rich Redmond is a ball of energy that makes for a dynamic speaker! He does a great job of combining information about success along with his drumming in a way that can be really beneficial to the participants in all areas of their lives. I also greatly appreciated that he made a point to make sure that he got to personally meet and talk with everyone who stayed around at the end of his event. Rich connects with his audience onstage and off!”

Donna Fisher -Author of “Networking For Dummies” 


“CRASH Course For Success” 2012 Testimonials

Recording Artists:

“Rich has been there from the beginning of my career. We started playing for five people and that five tuned into 25,000! I can only believe Rich’s commitment to his craft, his team oriented spirit and his intense drive have factored into my success. Rich is the perfect person to teach people how to create success in their lives.”
– Jason Aldean, Multi-Platinum Recording/Performing Artist


“Rich Redmond dosen’t just take a regular clinic template and simply fill in his licks. His CRASH Course For Success is an entirely different and innovative program that gets audiences excited about playing and thinking about every aspect of their career. The advice he shares applies across genres and even beyond music. You cannot help but be motivated after seeing Rich perform, and he is an absolute joy to work with.”
– Juels Thomas, Education & Events Manager, Drum Workshop Inc.

“Rich’s infectious energy is very useful for what he does. I get motivated to play from just looking at the pictures from his events. I hope everyone in attendance is having as much fun as he is!”
– Andy Zildjian, President of Sabian Cymbals

“Rich has lots of experiences and is very appreciative for his journey in life. Telling others about the hard work and the rewards that come with that is very valuable to this who attend his events. SABIAN is enthusiastic to have Rich promoting our products.”
– Ann MacNally, Marketing Manager, Sabian Cymbals

“Rich Redmond’s CRASH Course For Success is filled with veteran wise information essential for every drummer looking to cut their path to success in the music industry.”
– Jim Bailey, Educator Relations Manager, D’Addario & Company

“Rich Redmond is one amazing drummer!!! He is so versatile and can play any type of music. He puts his heart and soul into his playing and you can see that in his performances!!!! It is an honor to have him as a part of the Promark family!”
– Marco Soccoli, Director Of Artist Relations Worldwide, D’Addario & Company

University Programs:

“Rich Redmond’s clinic at Musician’s Institute was by far the most informative and relevant clinic we have had in years. Our students were riding a wave of enthusiasm for weeks after experiencing Rich’s nurturing and motivational clinic.”
– Stewart Jean, Department Chair, Drum Program at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood CA.

“My students told me it was one of the best drum set clinics that they have ever attended. They were really inspired! They really enjoyed the honesty, passion and real world approach of Rich’s presentation and his playing was fantastic.”
– Alan Shinn, Professor of Percussion/Jazz, Texas Tech University

“The faculty and students were more engaged in this clinic than any clinic we have brought to Texas State University. Rich’s enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! The hour and a half flew by and then the students couldn’t get enough of him after it was over! The information he is putting out is unique and needs to be heard by starry-eyed students! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have hosted Rich!”
– Kari Klier, Assistant Professor of Percussion, Texas State University

“Rich Redmond gives an excellent clinic that combines the excitement of hearing his high quality playing live with his infectious enthusiasm for all things music! The combination in the clinic of information about drumming and information about the music industry struck a chord with all of our students. Rich has an excellent approach that reaches every student in the room and makes them feel like anything is possible, and you can’t ask for more from a clinician!”
– Tracy Wiggins-Professor Of Percussion, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

“As a featured drum set clinician, Rich Redmond is a wonderful performer and speaker. He spoke to a diverse audience of students from our Creative Arts Department, including majors in Commercial Music, Sound Technology, and Video and Television Production. Rich’s ‘C.R.A.S.H. Course for Success’ addressed universal principles that relate to anyone who wants to achieve his or her goals and dreams in life.”
– Brian Tate, Drum Set Instructor, South Plains College, Levelland, TX

“Rich’s presentation, which combines musical preparation along with people skills, business follow-through and building connections in the musical world will prove very valuable to our students. Universities do a great job at training the musician, but not a great job at preparing these musicians for the real musical world. His event helps bridge the gap.”
– Robert Chappell, Professor of Percussion, Northern Illinois University

“The format and pacing of Rich’s clinic is perfect. It’s always educational and enjoyable to hear such a wonderful drummer perform Rich’s clinic provided my students with valuable information and examples on styles, technical approaches, and equipment choices. It was very useful for them to hear that Rich practices what he preaches. I think another very valuable aspect of Rich’s clinic was the information he shared on how he has approached his career, the dedication it takes, the ability to survive rejection, and the reality of making a living as a professional musician and what that means to your daily life schedule. Students often have a misguided notion of life on the road and in the recording studio. Rich’s clinic provided them with practical realities while at the same time encouraging their dreams—it doesn’t get better than that.”
– Dr. Cheryl Grosso, Professor of Music, Chair, Arts & Visual Design Frankenthal Professor, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

“Having seen numerous clinics while attending The University of North Texas and PAS conventions, I feel experienced enough to say that Rich is putting on one of the best clinics I have ever witnessed. He has the right amount of player/educational background to express musical ideas in a well thought out and entertaining fashion. My student’s were mesmerized by Rich’s high playing ability and coupled with his energy, humor and candidness, his advice really hit home. We would love to bring Rich in every two years if possible, we loved him that much!”
– Jonathan Kutz, Professor of Percussion, Mclennan College, Waco, TX

“Rich’s presentation is just what students needed to know about getting out in the “real world” and making it happen. Rich’s insight and experience are invaluable. His upbeat personality and incredible enthusiasm keeps the audience interested the entire time. I would recommend his inspirational presentation to anyone interested in making a living in the world of music.”
– Ricardo Flores, Associate Professor of Percussion, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

“Rich’s clinic for the students at USC was high energy and very engaging. Rich combines performing drum parts with tracks and passing down real-life lessons about being a professional musician. His clinics go beyond the drum set, and can apply to musicians in all fields. Valuable information.”
– Scott Herring, Assistant Professor of Percussion, University of South Carolina

Grade School-High School Programs:

“Rich Redmond’s presentation is high energy, engaging, and uplifting! His enthusiastic approach with middle and high school students creates an excellent opportunity for him to authentically convey some of life’s greatest lessons to those who need to hear and learn them most. His presentation exudes positivity and passion, energizing everyone lucky enough to be a part of it.”
– Melissa G. Edwards, Ed.S., NBCT, Thales Academy, Rolesville, NC

“Rich’s presentation was exactly what the doctor ordered. He was highly energetic, direct, and honest with the kids concerning not only his playing and what it has taken him to get to where he is at, but also about the things that don’t always get mentioned – being professional, dressing for the part, showing up on time, knowing your material and being pleasant to work with. He addressed not only our percussion students, but the entire music department. The reaction was the same across the board. The students all felt as though they had received a huge boost and they are still talking about it over a week later. We are already trying to figure out when we can have Rich return to visit the entire school!
– David Reynolds, Assoc. Band Director/Percussion Director, Seven Lakes High School Katy, TX

“Rich’s entertaining style on the drums really captures the attention of everyone in the audience! He inspires musicians of all ages to devote positive attitudes toward the work required to lead successful lives-especially those related to music. Rich Redmond’s enthusiasm for playing drums cannot be misunderstood; being a drum set player, I left the experience ready to burst out of my shell!”
– David Speer Assistant Band Director, FHS Friendship ISD Percussion Coordinator

“I have had the pleasure of hosting Rich at Spring Creek High School. Rich not only plays wonderfully, but he is an excellent teacher and motivator. He spoke with our students about setting goals and taking the steps to reach those goals. Our students are still excited about this event and they are even talking about putting a page in our yearbook dedicated to the Rich Redmond drum clinic.”
– Tim Heath, Band Director, Spring Creek High School

Music Retailers / Drum Shops:

“Rich is an amazing motivator! He emanates an amazing sense of encouragement and moves people in a positive direction. I received rave reviews from our clientele weeks after the event. One of our customers even ordered Rich’s exact drum and cymbal setup after seeing him play! Rich is in the business of changing lives and he succeeds. His event is for everyone! You will not be dissatisfied with Rich as your guest!”
– Kevin Harper, Drum Dept. Manager, Guitar Center, Huntsville, AL

“Rich Redmond is a ball of energy that makes for a dynamic clinic. He does a great job of combining information about success along with his drumming in a way that can be really beneficial to the participants in all areas of their lives. I also greatly appreciated that he made a point to make sure that he got to personally meet and talk with everyone who stayed around at the end of the clinic. He connected with his audience onstage and offstage!”
– Donna Fisher President, Houston Percussion Center

“Rich’s clinic was one of the best clinics we have had at Melhart Music. Rich has an impenetrable attitude that is truly contagious because it is genuine. People were completely engaged with his perfect mix of playing and preaching. A consummate professional, his groove was to die for! Awesomely solid, tasteful, modern drumming! If ever I have the opportunity to have Rich here again, it’s a no-brainer!”
– Art Baca, Percussion Manager, Melhart Music

“Rich gives one of the best clinics out there! The level of enthusiasm that he displays is usually what is missing from these events.”
– Chris Gervais Long and McQuade, Regina

“I would like to thank Rich for performing one of the best clinics this store has had the privilege of hosting. A few of the non-drummers in the room were even inspired to play. Now that’s teaching! It is almost impossible to put a value on the knowledge and insight that Rich provides in mere ninety minutes. If everyone had his attitude and energy, the world would be a better place.”
– Barry Knain/Indoor Storm Music

“I was very happy that Rich discussed the more personal aspects of playing such as emotional commitment and “bringing the fire” to performances. These things are often overlooked, which is a pity, as they are the most joyful aspect of the job. Rich does a fantastic job of creating a fertile, inspired experience”
– Jeff Konwalchuck, Long and McQuade, Winnipeg

“Rich is truly an amazing person! His professionalism, positive attitude, and friendly demeanor are absolutely contagious. Rich’s energy and charisma grab the audience’s attention. Although Rich’s talent and proficiency as a musician and drummer is unquestionable, his clinics are for everyone. The ideals and principles that he conveys in his message will help anyone that is wishing to excel in any endeavor. I’ve been in the business for almost 40 years and I have never enjoyed any clinic as much as this one!! Rich is definitely a 5 star gentleman with a 5 star message.”
– Phil Metz, Manager of Ted Brown Music, Tacoma, WA


“I could hardly stay in my seat…literally! Exciting, explosive, energetic and enthusiastic, yet down to earth and approachable! He has a hunger and sincerity for life and drumming that is so infectious”
– Michelle Browning, Fairfax, SC

“This was a great event, very inspiring. It made me want to practice more!!”
– Bill Ake, Poway, CA

“It was really cool. I was totally inspired and motivated by Rich, he is so enthusiastic and passionate” – Tom Flannagan, San Diego CA
“This was a fantastic clinic – a real treat for both my daughter and me. Rich had a great personality. His drumming ability was phenomenal”
– Alan Lopato, San Diego, CA

“It really was wonderful and amazing! The performance was fantastic”
– Billie Alsup, San Diego, CA

“Rich has a great concept and thoroughly conveyed that to everyone. What I liked the most was how much heart he puts into his playing. What a great personality! Absolutely a great clinic!”
– Ray Carter, Jesup, GA

“What a blast! I love Rich’s passion, energy and showmanship!”
– Michele Chang, San Diego, CA

“What a great event that was! Rich was insanely impressive in every aspect, as well as being incredibly entertaining. I hope he comes back; I’d like to bring my Nephew next time”
– Patrick Collins, San Diego, CA

“I’ve seen a lot of good clinics before, but his is the best!!”
– James Johnson, Savannah, GA

“What an incredible experience!! He was very inspiring, motivational, energetic…made me have to go dancing right after the clinic to work off some energy myself!”
– Angie Sampson, San Diego, CA


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