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Rich holds a Bachelor’s of Music Education (B.M.Ed.) from Texas Tech University and a Master’s of Music Education (M.M.Ed.) from the acclaimed University of North Texas. This academic background, combined with years of ‘street smart’ musicianship makes Rich the perfect teacher. His experience navigating the music business allows him to provide valuable, unique and insightful information and advice on how to cultivate a successful and enduring career in the music business. His CRASH Course for Success seminars provide powerful information for anyone wanting to attract more success into their lives. Rich is experienced in teaching drums to students of all ages and ability levels.

DrumTensive Masterclass:

YOU can host Rich at you home, school or workplace for an intimate masterclass. Everyone gets a chance to play. Rich focuses on chop development, reading, rudiments, styles, song charting, and music biz 101. It can even be a pot luck affair. Think of it as a “tupperware party” for drummers. This is an educational platform designed for 5-15 drummers.

Career Counseling:

Connect with Rich in person or via SKYPE for a life/career coaching session. Identify life goals and career direction. Create a game plan to achieve the career of your dreams. Learn first hand from someone who has gone after their dreams and achieved them. You can do it too!

One On One:

Depending on his schedule, Rich teaches from Fork’s Drum Closet in Nashville or locations on the road that are provided by enthusiastic hosts (universities, high schools, drum shops, music stores, churches, community centers, private residences, etc). BOOK RICH for some one-on-one teaching.

On The Road:

Rich uses drum shops, universities, music stores and even his backstage dressing room as a mobile teaching facility. Check out Rich’s tour dates at: www.jasonaldean.com

BOOK RICH for a lesson on the road.

Global Teaching:

Using SKYPE, Rich can communicate with new students anywhere on the planet!
You simply need a SKYPE account and a PAYPAL account for payment.
BOOK RICH for an online lesson.


“Rich Redmond has given private lessons and open counseling sessions for our students at Musicians Institute and our students love him. Rich brings a shot of energy to our students and he has genuine passion for students young, old, beginner to advanced!”

– Stewart Jean/Musician’s Institute Percussion Chair

“While Rich is overqualified in both his education and experience, he meets you at your level, delivering his instruction with confidence, accessibility and unparalleled passion! One of the kindest and most humble players I’ve met, he teaches there’s far more to the music business than just your drum chops!”

– Jimmy Elcock (Drummer and Band Leader for recording artist Jamie Lynn Spears)

“Rich teaches by example… a very experienced example.”

– Josh Mighell (Popular Drum/Percussion Talent and Event Coordinator)

“Rich offers the best advice and the most positive and motivational outlook on being successful in the music industry or any life-long pursuit! Thank you!”

– Jon Hull (Nashville Drum Tech/Engineer/Cartage Services)

“Rich’s enthusiasm and energy are both infectious and inspiring, a true ambassador of the drums. Always willing to share his knowledge and passion for music. Rich is more than a teacher, he is a friend.”

– Phill Kirby (Nashville Drummer/Music Engraving Specialist)


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