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Pick Rich’s Brain :: Episode 3 – Charting vs Reading, Being Known for Something and Thomas Lang

This episode kind of, but not really, brought to you by @SmoothieKing!

In #pickrichsbrain episode 3, Rich talks about the virtues of charting versus reading music, the power of the Nashville Numbers Charting System, the magic tempos of Nashville, and his guest wishlist of @garyvee @grantcardone and @tonyrobbins. (more…)

Pick Rich’s Brain :: Episode 2 – Finances, Endorsements and Clinics

Episode 2 of #PickRichsBrain delves into how Rich got started with Jason Aldean, drummer finances, how to pursue endorsements, and the importance of *attending* drum clinics.

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Pick Rich’s Brain :: Episode 1 – How do I know when I’m ready to make the move to Nashville?

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In the debut episode of #PickRichsBrain, the theme of “what do I need to know prior to moving to Nashville to chase a career in music?” seemed quite prevalent. Rich has been crushing it in Nashville for over 20 years and shares his experiences and advice on how and what to do once you get to Nashville to start your music career. (more…)

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