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It’s Your Duty to Monetize Your Art – #PickRichsBrain Ep 12 with Grant Cardone

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In the first #PRB episode shot and recorded on the road, episode 12 brings Rich and Jim to sunny Miami to interview NY Times Best Selling Author, Business Mogul, Investing/Real Estate and above all SALES Expert, Grant Cardone!

Grant considers himself an artist and has a TON of advice for creatives of all stripes when it comes to attitude, follow up, dreaming big, time management and putting a value on your craft.

On another note, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. Every Time.

This was a long time coming for us. It was a definite win for the #PickRichsBrain podcast/video series.

The cherry on top was how we were made to feel like our presence was valued and appreciated. Their team made us a part of their morning meeting, a daily ritual that pours on the encouragement and positivity to individual and team wins of all magnitudes.

To us, it was obvious that Mr. Cardone had built a team of people who are behind him 100% without a doubt.

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Shot, Produced and Voice Over by: @jimmccarthyvos

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