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Jason Aldean Producer Michael Knox, Song Plugging and Artists vs. Singers :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 9

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On episode 9 of #pickrichsbrain, we have Jason Aldean’s longtime and legacy Producer, Michael Knox as our guest!

Big Green Tractor, She’s Country, Amarillo Sky, Why, Flyover States….the hits go on and on and Michael Knox was a huge part in shaping of all of them.


A 20 Year Brotherhood In Making Music :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 8

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The 3 Kings, the core of the Jason Aldean band, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and Rich Redmond dive into Episode 8 of #PickRichsBrain. This brotherhood of top-notch musicians have stayed the course since 1998 and have forged a sound with Jason Aldean and Producer Michael Knox that has redefined the Nashville Country sound since 2005.

Rich, Kurt and Tully reflect on their beginnings, their tumultuous, yet very educational time with the now defunct band Rushlow, and how honesty and freedom with Jason Aldean have made an enormous difference in Jason’s records and live performances.

Their almost 20 year legacy has resulted in a myriad of income streams from producing artists including hits with Parmalee and Thompson Square with their company, New Voice Entertainment to writing hit songs like “Tip It On Back” by Dierks Bentley, “Seein’ Red” by Dustin Lynch and the title track to Jason’s 2016 record, “They Don’t Know”. (more…)

#pickrichsbrain short :: You’re One Person Away From A Changed Life…

Excerpt from Episode 7 of #PickRichsBrain with Coach Micheal Burt: You’re only one person away from changing your life.

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Listen to the original podcast: www.richredmond.com/podcasts

Produced by Jim McCarthy @jimmccarthyvos and Rich Redmond.
Voice Over by Jim McCarthy www.JimMccarthyVoiceOvers.com (more…)

Everyone Needs a Coach/Mentor :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 7

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Episode 7 of #PickRichsBrain brings us Coach Micheal Burt who has helped a multitude of people and businesses up their game over the last decade!

Coach Burt is known as “The Million Dollar Machine” that has taken his decade of intensity, focus, and relentless pursuit of more impact and packed it into systems and structures to help you elevate at faster speeds than any other coach. (more…)

Sales, Marketing and PRICING for Creatives :: #PickRichsBrain Ep 6

#pickrichsbrain Producer (or Executive Producer, perhaps?) Jim McCarthy and Rich discuss all things sales, marketing and even address how one might price their services when coming to Nashville.

Subscribe to Rich’s YouTube Channel and you could win a brick of Rich’s Promark Activegrip 595 Signature Drumsticks!

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#pickrichsbrain episode 6 is sponsored by the awesome Connecticut live music venue, The Tipping Chair Tavern.


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