Music Education

I am a product of music education, and I tell parents if their kids show any interest in an instrument at all to support them 150 percent in their music endeavors.


An Identifiable Feel

“Drumming is such a fantastic art. There is so much you can do with it. You want to learn new things and break new ground. But what young people don’t realize is that to work as a drummer a lot of times you are using some of the first drum beats you ever learned. And it’s a matter of: Can you elevate your ability to play those things to a level that is far beyond everybody else? Can you differentiate yourself from 99 other people playing the same, simple beat. That’s a challenge. Because that means that you have a sound, that you have a feel that’s identifiable, even if exactly what you’re playing is generic. That’s difficult to do.”

– Jim Riley
– Drummer for Rascal Flatts
– Clinician at Rich’s 3rd Annual Drummers Weekend

(photo: Ronn Dunnett)

JR - Ronn Dunnett

The Simplest Concepts

It is often the simplest concepts that are overlooked by the student. But ironically, that’s the stuff that, if you master it, can create the most amount of success from a commercial standpoint. Just being able to play great time, to choose great fills, to be able to listen and play for the song … instead of trying to figure out a place to play something that you learned online.
– Jim Riley
– Drummer for Rascal Flatts
– Clinician at Rich Redmond’s 3rd annual Drummers Weekend


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