Music Education

I am a product of music education, and I tell parents if their kids show any interest in an instrument at all to support them 150 percent in their music endeavors.


Re-Inspire Yourself

To re-inspire yourself, maybe take a break from the drums and learn to play another instrument. For me, I worked on tympani. I worked on marimba. I can play xylophone. I can play some jazz vibraphone. I taught myself how to play congas. That led to studying djembe and Cajon. Just get out and play some different music and get some different skill sets together. Maybe just play with some different musicians and shake things up that way. I promise you, you’ll come back rejuvenated.


Personal Skills

Don’t take suggestions and criticisms personally. Taking direction and criticism without being offended or becoming angry is a skill. It’s the one of the many skills that will make people remember you and recommend you to their friends.



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