How To Win Now And In The Future

Lately people have been in a near panic over the idea that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will take their jobs. (BBC article – “Robot automation will ‘take 800 million jobs by 2030’ – report”)

You will win in the future the same way that you win now: By building on your relationships and the unique skills that you bring to a project.

Drum machines have been around for decades, but people still hire me to play on their songs and albums because they know that I bring a level of heart, enthusiasm, and nuance that cannot be matched by a machine.


Look for adjacent opportunities

Look for adjacent opportunities.

When I first started touring with Jason Aldean, I reached out to university music programs in the cities of our tour dates. I offered to do free drum clinics the days of our shows.

I was going to be in town, had a masters degree in music, had experience teaching, and wanted to share what I had learned.

Doing that again and again over 14 years built my brand as an educator. Now leading clinics and camps is another segment of my overall business.


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