The Strength Of Your Relationships

Don’t buy into the myth of the solitary genius. Everyone needs help. The stronger your team, the strong your relationships, the stronger the foundation of what you are building.


Build That Empire

Just think: When Kenny Aronoff was building his clinic career back in the 80s, everywhere he went he had to put quarters into pay phones and check in with a tape answering machine back at home.

It is so easy to connect with people now. There is no excuse for you not to get off your butt and build the empire that you want to build.

Be Fearless

I definitely have an entrepreneurial spirit. But it is also important to be fearless in your approach. It’s like I advised this one student the other day, “Everything you want in life is on the other side of you jumping into a pool of sharks.”

Music, Messaging, And Motivation

Am I the speaker who talks all day long with a headset mic, khakis, and thousands of PowerPoint slides? No. I’m the guy that comes in for one hour and hits you over the head with music, messaging, motivation, storytelling, and positive takeaways.

People Who Get You

It is about surrounding yourself with people who really get you and what you offer. It takes time to find those people, but it can happen if you persevere.

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