Modern Country Drumming

“How would you describe the sound or style of drumming in country music today?”

What is the sound of modern country drumming? Since I moved to Nashville in 1997, things have gotten WAY more aggressive. A lot of people are moving to Nashville from New York and LA and Atlanta. All of these different musical influences are coming to Nashville. So we’ve got dance music. We’ve got classic rock, modern rock. All coming into the mix. And we’re combining that with the storytelling element that has always existed in Nashville. So three chords and the truth, right? And we’re putting it to a snappy, dancey beat. And I know that the drums keep getting turned up hotter and hotter in the mix, which is great for us drummers. I think it’s all about an aggressive beat, but still being musical of course and letting the song speak for itself. Letting that story come through.


Find Your Ultimate Purpose

When you stumble (and we all do), if you’re actually in pursuit of what you really want to do in your life, you will get back on track right away. No matter what is going wrong in my life, I know that I can get on a set of drums and be happy. Finding your ultimate purpose is so important. And the sooner you can do it, the better.


A Musician’s Job

A musician’s job is to serve music, lift up the songs, drive each other to greatness and inspire each artist to be his or her best.


Keep Moving Forward

Constantly motivate yourself to keep moving closer and closer towards your definition of success. Move forward with all things in life so you are always evolving, always improving.


In The Studio

In the studio, the drum part is liquid. Sometimes we’ll hear a demo recording. It could be a guy on his laptop programming everything with a real singer, or it could be a full blown eight piece band. Then I figure out a way to tip my hat to everything that the producer, artist, songwriter, and band sees musically fit, while at the same time leaving my little mark on the song. I try to add something that causes listeners to go, “Oh I think that’s Rich.”


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