Polite Persistence

Outlive the competition.

When I first arrived in Nashville, people looked at me like, “Who is this kid?” Twenty-one years later I’m still here and I am performing in stadiums with Jason Aldean.

How? Polite persistence and tenacity. Every day.

Dive In And Prioritize

Any entrepreneur is going to have a crazy schedule with all sorts of demands in the mix. You need to become good at juggling and prioritizing.

And the more successful you become, the more you are bombarded with instant messages, voicemails, emails, Facebook messages, and texts. And they all want a reply NOW.

Dive in and prioritize.


The Importance Of The Basics

Whether it is drumming or business, everyone tries to skip the fundamentals and go straight to the complex, fancy stuff.

But you always come back to the basics. You will always come back to the boom-smack, because that is what moves people.


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