Meeting People

The name of the game is meeting people. People make the world go round. You can’t know enough people. But most importantly, people need to know YOU.



Whenever we play stadiums, I will go up to the highest seat (and I don’t like heights) … but I will march up there just to get some perspective. I know a person paid full price to sit here. Somehow I have to set myself apart and be an entertainer and reach that person. If I do, maybe he will have the time of his life and continue coming to our shows.


Cultivate Relationships

I’ve cultivated and nurtured real, lasting relationships with all of my sponsors over the years. A good ambassador of a musical brand will always be seen using that gear on stage, in the studio, and on TV. It truly is a mutually beneficial relationship. A smart artist is the one that develops these relationships while their band is climbing the ladder of success. That relationship can grow over time.


Personal Skills

Don’t take suggestions and criticisms personally. Taking direction and criticism without being offended or becoming angry is a skill. It’s the one of the many skills that will make people remember you and recommend you to their friends.



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