A Great Attitude

A great attitude means you are open to suggestions. You have to be willing to change time signatures, forms, grooves, attitudes, colors and textures on the fly. This rule applies whether you are working for an artist or band, live or in the studio. Don’t make the mistake of being negative or closed off to suggestions. You are being paid to be there! In the bigger picture, this can apply to any career or industry.


Music Skills + Business Skills

Any musician who has had any staying power will tell you that the music industry is a brutal business and requires a massive amount of dedication to navigate it. This dedication can be applied to both your musical skills and to the business associated with cultivating a successful music career.

music plus business

Skill Set

Some artists will want you to play a song exactly as it was done on the record. And that’s where skill set comes in. Because if you’re hired to play something note for note, it’s great to be able to transcribe a particular drum part. – Rich


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