How do drummers drum so fast?

Speed is the result of a methodical and consistent approach to practice. We are the cumulative results of our efforts. Consistent practice leads to control, endurance and speed on ANY instrument.


A Different Perspective

I love giving the students a different perspective on the real world. There are a lot of drum set players who come through. So it is nice to give them the perspective of “Hey, here is what you are going to need to do when the artist you are working for wants you to really break it down and do an acoustic show.”
– Billy Hawn
– Percussionist for Colbie Caillat
– Clinician at Rich’s 3rd annual Drummers Weekend

Billy Hawn

The Simplest Concepts

It is often the simplest concepts that are overlooked by the student. But ironically, that’s the stuff that, if you master it, can create the most amount of success from a commercial standpoint. Just being able to play great time, to choose great fills, to be able to listen and play for the song … instead of trying to figure out a place to play something that you learned online.
– Jim Riley
– Drummer for Rascal Flatts
– Clinician at Rich Redmond’s 3rd annual Drummers Weekend


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