Whether it is music or business, the fundamentals are important. Understanding rhythmic values and counting are essential for mastering any instrument. Comprehending the essence of what service or product you offer and why people need it is the foundation for your business.

Rudiments are the anatomy of drumming. Broken into recognizable phrases like singles, doubles, flams, and ruffs, rudiments can be combined in any rhythmic phrase and used for expressive creativity, and ultimately, music making. Reading rhythms has saved my career countless times. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times an artist or band has asked me to leave for a tour the night before a run (without a rehearsal) after losing their drummer.

By the same token, knowing the fundamentals of your chosen field will make you versatile, valuable, and sought after. The business landscape is constantly changing. But whether it is sales, engineering, marketing, finance, or some other discipline, being adept at the building blocks will enable you to pivot and grab opportunities as those changes happen.


Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is everything in life. It will make or break anyone on any career track. I have never met a single person on this earth who wants to communicate on even a surface level with a person who oozes negativity. As a musician, you can spend years developing flawless technique, speed and power, yet never share the stage with others because you have a horrible attitude. Conversely, if you make it to the big stage, a bad attitude can take away that privilege just as fast.

It is the same in the business world. There are enough challenges in building a company. No one wants the added work of managing someone with a toxic outlook. Stay positive and people will compete to add you to their project, team, or corporation. An optimistic mindset will resonate with others more than a resume ever could. Attitude will make or break you!


On Making It Happen

Those first three years in Nashville I played every club in town. I did endless showcases. I did free demos, auditions in people’s basements, van and trailer gigs, wedding gigs … I took everything. Because work begets work. And social media is great, but you also have to get out there and shake hands. Go to those jam sessions. Go to those open mics.


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