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Rich is the only person in his family that plays music, but his Dad is a serious dashboard drummer! Who are the musicians in your family?

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Thomas Lang: Control

“If I have the time to sit down and practice, I don’t work on speed. Speed just happened; it came with control. People say, ‘That’s super fast,’ but the speed is only a side effect of having control.” – Thomas Lang

Learn more from Thomas Lang at Rich’s Drummer’s Weekend, October 30th – November 1st in Nashville.

thomas lang



The tone you produce of your drums is a musical attribute that separates amateur drummers from true professionals. Ask your self these questions: Do you draw the sound out of the instrument and make it sing? Are you at one with your instrument? Is your instrument an extension of your personality and a vehicle for your creative voice? These are skills that can be developed only after countless hours of repetitive practice alone in a practice room. These skills must then be practically applied by playing music with real musicians in the same room at the same time. – Rich



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