A Common Bond

The music gets a face lift every year. Some are conscious decisions and some are the result of the evolution of musicianship and the evolution of a band. And a band could be defined as not only a group of musicians playing together, but a group of human beings that have a common bond personally and professionally, because we all know about the inner workings of each other’s lives. So we are evolving as human beings and musicians collectively. – Rich



Changing As A Musician

RR Webmaster: How have you changed as a player over the years?

Rich: I think I’ve gotten better. If you’re looking back on record one and then you are looking at record six, hopefully you are hearing an evolution of musicianship. And then every artist gets to record better and better songs because as they achieve success, they are pitched better songs. I mean, we got lucky with “Hicktown” and “Amarillo Sky” and “Johnny Cash”. We got a hold of these amazing songs. Those were also the same songs we showcased for four years before Aldean got signed.

Now we’re at a point where you are playing 22 songs in a show and you are looking at this body of work that happened over a 10 year period and you are like “Wow! ‘Hicktown’ was recorded 10 years ago!”

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